Small Business India

Most people dream of starting their own small business, but they fail due to uncertainties and doubts. 

Don’t lose out on your opportunity to explore and test their entrepreneurial skills and abilities. 

Where to start? Check out our list to help your dreams become a reality. 

Here are 101 Best Small Business Ideas in India

1. Retail store 

Capital: approx. Rs. 10 lakhs
Skills required: Attention to detail, Communication, Mathematical, Selling

Retailing business in India is a big influence on its economy. Although online stores are becoming bigger, retail stores in general commodities will never be closed. It is one of the easiest to start business ideas. 

Customers still find this business more trustworthy. Household and consumer products are essential to your retail store, and make sure you get a reasonable wholesale buyout and retail prices. 

2. Oxygen Cylinder Refill/Provider

Capital: between Rs. 30-50 lakhs
Skills required: Safety, Technical, Manufacturing

This business in India is highly demanded at present. Oxygen supply on home and healthcare facilities is in a shortage since the pandemic. Oxygen Cylinders need to be refilled for both old and new patients. You will need your laboratory to manufacture cylinders and file oxygen. 

3. Waste Management

Capital: approx. Rs. 100 lakhs
Skills required: Knowledge-Based, Patience, Technical 

There is money in the garbage, and this is a long-running good business in India. Commercial and residential spaces always dispose of trash. Segregation or management of these wastes would need high-powered trucks and a workforce. Provide people and companies great waste management services, and they would give you big profits. 

4. Computer repairs

Capital: between Rs. 30-60 lakhs
Skills required: Communication, Problem-Solving, Technical

Fixing computer bugs or damages in India is highly needed. Most repairs include both hardware and software issues. Repair services would require various tools for computer hardware parts, anti-spyware, diagnostics, and more. Having certificates like the CompTIA A+ Technician and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) might come in handy for your expertise in the repair industry. 

5. Ice Cream shops

Capital: between Rs. 5-10 lakhs
Skills required: Communication, Fast-Learner, Patience, Work under pressure

Ice cream parlors mostly succeed in every public space in India. The cold treats and the demand will never run out. All you need to do is make popular standout flavors for customers and consider health safety and sanitation to your ice creams. This is a great small business idea in India that adults and children would always want. 

6. Food stalls/trucks

Capital: Rs. 8-10 lakhs
Skills required:  Communication, Fast-Learner, Patience, Work under pressure

Food is everyone's necessity. Indian people love delicious food and find easily accessible food in streets and other public places. You better make your food on the menu delicious and try to keep up with the fast service. Best profit chances would always be set up in places where food is in demand overnight. 

7. Used Car Dealerships

Car dealerships in India are a hotspot for small business owners. More people require four-wheeled transportation that fits their budget, and these functional used cars could make you a profit. You just have to take used car dealerships and take the commission you get from selling the vehicles. 

Yoga Instructor Business Idea8. Yoga Trainer

Capital: between Rs. 5-10 lakhs
Skills required: Yoga, Communication 

Yoga is an ancient fitness meditation technique from India and is becoming more popular in the country and globally. Many people are starting their healthy exercise routines, and this is where you can create your own yoga business. Get a yoga certificate to qualify you as a trainer or a trustworthy center. Yoga mats, belts, bricks, napkins, and other supplies may also be a sideline for money from your yoga class customers. 

9. Cleaning services

Capital: Rs. 2-6 lakhs
Skills required: Attention to detail, Fast-learning, Communication, Self-Discipline, Technical
Hygiene and sanitation are important to every Indian household, office, restaurant, and hotel, so this is India’sexcellent small business idea. Cleaning services suffice the need for spaces that are fast-moving and unable to sanitize personally. Give your best service with good cleaning supplies, and make sure to run discounts for customers. 

10. Gift shop

Capital: Rs. 1-2 lakhs
Skills required: Communication, Bagging, Mathematical, Wrapping

Gift shops offer various gifts, souvenirs, and novelty merchandise not found in any retail stores. Gifting is part of India's culture, and people would want to purchase unique gifts, especially for specific occasions. Personalized and specialty gift options would give you a competitive edge.

11. Tour services

Capital: Rs. 5-10 lakhs
Skills required: Communication, Foreign language, Interpersonal, Knowledge-Based

India is rich in international tourists, and tourism is always robust. Tourists would need bus tours, taxis, tour guiding, vending, food, and beverage. Tourists pay well when the service is good. Become a favored tour agency, and you'll get higher returns.

12. Car parking

Capital: approx. Rs. 1,000-5,000 
Skills required: Communication, Mathematical, Patience

Car parking is a serious problem in Indian cities and a perfect opportunity for small businesses. Creating a parking space for cars to park safe from road clogging and violations would be in demand, and car owners would compete to have a spot. A reasonable parking fee is a must. 

13. Electronics repair

Capital: approx. Rs. 2,000- 5,000
Skills required: Mechanical, Electronics Knowledge, Communication

Repairs demand electronic devices: appliances, cameras, computers, phones, speakers, television, etc. Everyone is already using electronics, and these devices might get costly when they break and get damaged. Getting some spare part supply and power tools does a good service, that turns into good profit. 

14. Game parlors/shops

Capital: between Rs. 20-100 lakhs
Skills required: Communication, Knowledged-Based, Technical

Only a few gaming shops in India are open, but that does not mean India does not like games. There are a lot of gamers and children who love digital games. India’s retail markets are not specialists in game consoles and other gaming devices, so more available game shops might come in handy. 

15. Translating services

Capital: Rs. 30,000 - 40,000
Skills required: Communication, Foreign Language, Technical

Translating several documents and audio files is tedious. However, there is a rising demand for growing establishments that require these services. Just be particular in retaining the original context and good grammar. Also, consider any legal considerations for your translating agency. 

16. Detergent Powder Making 

Capital: approx. Rs. 30,000-3 lakhs
Skills required: Knowledge-Based Risk-taking, Manufacturing

Another small business idea in India. Since more of the population is using washing machines, household detergents also make the market demand. Detergent making is common in India. All you need to do is to make your detergent pass the sanitation and hazard standards. This will make your detergent licensed and legal to be made a profit. 

17. Pet care services

Capital: between Rs. 10,000-2 lakhs
Skills required: Communication, Canine Anatomy, Knowledge-Based, Grooming 

Pet-responsible owners want the best care for their pets. Indian owners never compromise pet care standards. You can offer a variety of pet services like boarding, grooming, sitting, and walking. Pet food and supplies also give you a sideline profit. 

18. Event planning

Capital: between Rs. 18,000-4 lakhs (depend on event packages)
Skills required: Communication, Multi-tasking, Organizational, Problem-Solving 

India is filled with festivities and ceremonial activities that require big gatherings. Event organizers are exactly needed in holding weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations. Offer potential clients the most budget-friendly fees from the best entertaining activities, dance and music, food, and venue preparations. Surely, you will get a bigger tip from your excellent service. 

Beauty Salon Business Idea
19. Beauty Salons

Capital: approx. Rs. 5 lakhs
Skills required: Creativity, Customer Service, Communication

India is a massive consumer of beautification services (both men and women). Hair, skin, and facial treatments are a commodity already. Extending your salon services with massage spas, beauty packages, and beauty products will triple your already stable profit. 

20. Flower shops

Capital: between Rs. 20,000-2.5 lakhs
Skills required: Knowledge for plant care, Communication, Interpersonal, Creativity, Time management. 

Flowers never fluctuated in demand and value, as fresh bouquets in India are still selling. This has become an Indian commodity for many religious ceremonies, fragrances, juices, occasions, and a big business idea in India. Provide a wide variety of flowers per season or event that will surely increase your shop's profile. 

21. Spice Powder making 

Capital: between Rs. 1.5 - 2 lakhs
Skills required: Fast learning, Manufacturing

About fifty kinds of spices are homegrown in India, and it is not to be missed in every Indian cuisine. The spice market will always be strong and is a commodity, so it is an easy profit generator with a small-scale investment. 

22. Blogging

Capital: Rs. 1-1.2 lakhs
Skills required: Knowledge and Interest in a blog topic, Research, Communication.

Blogging is a small business idea in India that can make you earn up to Rs 756k a month even without investment. This could wind up being an endless earning potential if you do it right. You must be able to find a niche for your blog topics and stick with it. Write consistently with SEO-friendly and high-quality content articles. 

23. Courier Services

Capital: Rs. 2-5 lakh
Skills Required: Interpersonal skills, customer-centered mindset, exceptional driving skills.

This type of service requires you to pick up and drop off parcels. Of course, you would need a vehicle for this. Your earnings will depend on how many boxes you have delivered and the courier service charge. 

24. Affiliate Marketing

Capital: Rs. 20,000 -1 lakh
Skills required: Marketing, Communication

Affiliate marketing is another small business idea in India you can instigate in your website or social media (YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). This, too, would not need any capital investment to start. You can earn commissions from selling or promoting another business’s products or services on your website or channel. Shares can be calculated either by purchase via your link or Cost Per Action (CPA). 

25. Renting Your Space in Airbnb

Capital: 18-30 lakhs
Skills Required: Communication

If you have an extra room or an apartment you are not using, you can rent this to Airbnb. This serves as an excellent way to utilize that space and generate adequate income. Airbnb will be the one to give your pay. You just need to answer questions from prospective tenants. The price value of your space will depend on the location, services provided, and quality of the area.

26. Online Store

Capital: Rs. 4-5 lakh
Skills required: Communication, Marketing
Online stores have been on the rise, so it is a great small business idea in India. Putting up online stores is very easy as well. You can utilize your social media to advertise your online store and receive orders. However, if you are aiming higher - for example,, eBay, or Etsy, you must have a large amount of cash to put up your online store.

27. Sell Second-hand Goods

Capital: Rs. 1-1.4 lakhs
Skills required: Marketing, Communication

Sell your old, undamaged, and functional items rather than throwing them away or dumping them in the storeroom. A good idea to make use of and benefit from your old things. Perhaps, you can also try to sell other people’s old items for commissions. You can put these items up in your social media or online store. 

Dance Instructor business idea
28. Dance Instructor

Capital: Rs. 5-10 lakhs
Skills required: Dance, Communication

If you love to dance, you can become a part-time dance instructor. Teach people your choreography and routines. It is a small business idea in India that is both a side hustle and a way to keep you fit. If you love to dance, you can become a part-time dance instructor. You can also arrange a variety of choreography for different age groups. 

29. Candle Making

Capital: Rs. 1-2 lakhs
Skills required: Candle making, Marketing, Communication

Candle making might be underrated, but it has the potential to yield adequate income. You can make a candle with affordable tools and ingredients. You can further improve this by making your design or adding scents. 

30. Mobile Phone Repair Shop

Capital: Rs. 2-4 lakhs
Skills required: Technical skills, Phone repair knowledge.

It is expected that mobile phone repair shops will be even more in demand in India. As the vast majority own mobile phones, it is a great small business idea in India. You must choose a location for your shop that people most frequent. So they can easily spot it. Other than repair services, you can also sell phone accessories and credit recharge. 

31. Chatbot services

Capital: approx. Rs. 50,000- 1 lakh 
Skills required: Communication, Computer literate, Technical

A big or small business in India already stepped up customer accommodation online by using chatbots. These business chatbots have specified designs and commands you'll have to know about. Investment in this business is incredibly low but guaranteed constant pay from clients.

32. Interior Designing 

Capital: between Rs. 75,000 - 1.5 lakh
Skills required: Architecture, Communication, Designing 

Interior designing is best for you if you want to help owners make a more aesthetically pleasing home. This small business idea in India requires an architect and design (2D or 3D models) expert. This is a trending demand, and you'll surely gain a big sum from it. 

33. Organic Farming

Capital: approx. Rs.1-60 lakhs
Skills required: Adaptability, Management, Organizational, Problem-Solving, Health, and Physical Stamina.

This may be a small business idea in India, but organic farming will surely give you a stable profit for a long time. Growing fresh local fruits and vegetables is a good product for Indian cuisine and health-conscious customers.

34. Recruitment services

Capital: approx. Rs. 25,000
Skills required: Communication, Interpersonal, Organizational

Job opportunities are getting bigger, which makes recruitment services preferable. This is a small business idea in India wherein you can just stay at home, look for job candidates and refer them to companies. You get paid by commission from successfully referring a recruit. 

35. Pest Control services

Capital: Rs. 50,000-2.5 lakhs
Skill required: Attention to detail, Interpersonal, Technical

Large farms and busy household owners lack time to control pests. If you want to earn money for just spraying and cleaning problems, ensure you have all pest chemicals needed for specific bugs. The pest-free spaces are, the better profit you get. 

36. Security/Surveillance Services

Capital: between Rs. 2.5- 3 lakhs
Skills required: Safety, Attention to Detail, Management

Every business establishment would want its office safe and secured from any potential threats. CCTVs, spy work, and paid surveillance jobs are included in this small business idea in India. Small, it may seem, but you have to make time to get security knowledge and equipment. 

37. Domain Flipping 

Capital: between Rs. 500 -2,000
Skills required: Management, Mathematical, Technical, Communication

Domain flipping in India has been a long-running business. If you want to earn by only buying domains and reselling them, make sure you know when and where to sell them. The higher the domain price, the better. 

38. Textile services

Capital: between 1-25 lakhs
Skills required: Creativity, Mechanical, Technical, Attention to Detail, Patience.

The country is a large producer of cotton and jute, so you might want to have a small business idea in India related. To supplying raw materials for casual clothing, sari, dhoti, and other wrapped garments. Textile shops will never run out of customers. 

39. Babysitting

Capital: Rs. 10,000 - 25,000 
Skills required: Interpersonal Communication, Attention to detail, Patience

Child care is a small business idea in India ideal for women. You can babysit at your home or in small spaces. Only minimal investment is required in babysitting. You only need to purchase cribs, toys, mattresses, diapers, and other baby necessities. There has been an increase of working mothers in India, which means child care services are now more in demand.

40. Mobile garage

Capital: Rs. 2.5 - 6 lakhs 
Skills required: Mechanical, Communication

Unfortunate events happen on busy roads. One of these would be when cars, motors, and scooters break down in the middle of the streets. You can offer your services in such circumstances. You will need a mobile phone to receive calls from customers, a car for your benefit, and car and motor repair tools.  

41. Nursery & Garden Equipment

Capital: Rs. 5,000-7,000
Skills required: Marketing, Communication, Gardening

Selling plants and garden equipment is another great small business idea in India. Given the large space for planting and with more people who are now environmentally conscious. Planting is a productive activity that helps the environment and serves as a hobby for some as well. Even in apartments and offices, people are now seen decorating their spaces with plants. 

Cakes and Bakes Business Idea
42. Cakes & Bakes

Capital: Rs. 300-500
Skills required: Baking skills, Marketing

Do you love baking? Then you can start a business by selling cakes, cookies, muffins, etc. You can potentially earn a lot of money from this business. People are always on the lookout for new tastes, good quality, and cost-effective delicacies. However, this does require exceptional skills in baking these pastries.  

43. Roti/Chapati making  

Capital: approx. Rs. 1,000-10,000
Skills required: Attention to detail, Patience, Mechanical

Roti is India's number one bread automatically present in every meal or snack. This kind of business will only cost you less but can produce over a thousand rotis in a few hours. You only need to have good machinery to make the company more efficient.

44. Internet service provider

Capital: between Rs. 6,000- 2 lakhs
Skills required: Technical, Communication, Organizational 

Airtel is one big internet provider in India and sometimes struggles to provide every office and household the best service. You can provide internet services, especially when it is on-demand in the metro’s finding employees’ personal and business processing offices. You only need to get a license for your small business, and you are good to go. 

45. Tea/Coffee shops

Capital: between Rs. 2- 30 lakhs
Skills required: Communication, Work Under Pressure, Sales Ability

If you dream of a small business idea in India that allows you to heat milk, put it in a jar, and serve both hot or cold brewed beverages, this is the right business for you. Tea and coffee in India are never absent in people's households. 

46. Sell Imported Products

Capital: Rs. 10,000-30,000
Skills required: Marketing, Communication

If you love traveling around the world, this is the right small business idea in India. Some Indians typically buy goods in foreign countries while they are traveling and sell them locally afterward. This helps cover the travel expenses and has extra income as well. And most Indians rave over foreign goods. This proves you have a sizable market to sell it to. 

47. Second-hand laptops

Capital: Rs. 5,000 - 50,000
Skills required: Marketing, Communication, 

Many people are now selling their laptops to purchase new models with the latest features and configurations. Still, the market for second-hand laptops is huge. It is a low investment business with high returns. 

48. Gardening Services

Capital: Rs. 2,000-5,000
Skills required: Gardening techniques, Plant & Flower Care, Cleaning, Knowledge on how to use mowing, pruning, trimming equipment.

Most individuals have tight schedules and do not have time to tend to their lawns, gardens, and plants. This is when this type of service is helpful. You can restore and beautify other people’s lawns and gardens and take care of their plants and trees. You only need to invest in the workforce and gardening equipment for this small business. 

49. Caregiver Services

Capital: Rs. 12,500- 20,000
Skills required: Patience, Communication, Knowledge of taking care of indisposed individuals, Attention to detail.

There’s a lot of indisposed people who need special care. Senior citizens, people with disabilities, etc., require a caregiver largely because their family is busy working—making them unable to care for them. Of course, you will need a workforce for this type of service. However, numerous men and women are willing to work as caregivers, so finding employees should not be an issue. 

50. Funeral Services

Capital: between Rs. 8,000 - 2.5 lakhs
Skills required: Makeup, Interpersonal, Social Awareness, Planning, Emotional Stability. 

The loss of a loved one or family member is tough for every Indian household. It is a culture to honor the dead, and that shows how good funeral services are. You can join this small business with a respectful and dignified service for the deceased and prepare the best ritual and burial plans greatly as possible. 

51. Leather & Perfume shops

Capital: between Rs. 7-9 lakhs
Skills required: Marketing, Communication, Attention to Detail

Leather bags, wallets, belts, perfumes, gift items, and even shoes should be readily available if you consider this small business idea in India fit for you. The country is abundant with authentic leather and scents, so you should make your shop unique and original. 

52. Building Construction Supply shops

Capital: between Rs. 5-7 lakhs
Skills required: Communication, Mathematical, Knowledge to supplies, Attention to detail, Work Under Pressure.

In India, a small low-costs idea that might become big and stable for profit is making a shop for construction supplies. The country got non-stop infrastructure work. So, being able to supply them loads of lumber, cement, tiles, paints. etc. will make a huge return with only a wider area and low-cost investments.

53. Doula services

Capital: more or less than Rs. 5,000
Skills required: Emotional Stability, Extensive Childbirth Experience, Patience, Interpersonal.

A doula is a  small business idea in India that gives aid to pregnant women during the pre and post-birth stages. This type of assistance would include decision making emotional and physical support. You just need to be readily stable to all possible circumstances that come from every client experience.

Scooter & Motorcycle Business Idea
54. Scooter and Motorcycle Rentals

Capital: Rs. 7 - 30 lakh
Skills: Marketing, Mathematical, Communication

Tourists typically want to rent a scooter or motorcycle while traveling. Motorcycles save time when traveling, which is why people often opt to use them. Also, small business owners and salespeople look for rentals like this too. You can already open up a rental even with just a few two-wheelers as a start-up. However, you must acquire appropriate licensing, permits, and insurances before you even start to put up your rental.  

55. Tailoring

Capital: approx. Rs. 300- 12,000
Skills required: Tailoring, Attention to Detail

Tailoring is a small business idea in India that allows you to profit from your tailoring hobbies at home. A tailoring machine and knowledge of sewing clothes are all you need to start. Many Indian customers love to go to tailor shops to alter their size and design preferences to clothing.

56. Sofa Cleaning Services

Capital: approx. Rs. 20,000 -2 lakhs
Skills required: Time Management, Consistency, Operational

Cushion cleaning is quite a long work, but it is very in demand. Sofas could be tough to clean up, so it only fits you always to get a large sum of money after work. Just take time to own power tools and chemicals for the job.

57. Fumigation Services

Capital: between Rs. 6- 9 lakhs
Skills required: Attention to Detail, Packing, Consistency, Time Management, Organizational.

Indian exports would need their products sealed and safe from any rot or pests. Fumigation is a small business idea in India that you can make a profit from. All you need to do is buy specific chemicals and tools for preservation and this kind of pest control. 

58. Handicrafts Reseller

Capital: Rs. 2,500 - 5,000
Skills required: Marketing, Communication

Handicrafts are mostly manufactured in rural areas. This could be wooden crafts, wooden stone, bamboo, glass, papier-mache, terracotta ceramics, etc. A brilliant small business idea in India. You can travel in near rural areas and buy and sell their products at reasonable prices. Handicrafts have a huge market. They can be used for their primary purpose, as gifts or decoration pieces in homes and offices. 

59. Broken Glass

Capital: Rs. 1,000-3,000
Skills required: Marketing, Communication

When thinking of a small business, selling broken glasses does not often come to mind. But when you think about it, they have the potential to produce high profits. Shards of glass are utilized in building walls for houses and gates. This is to prevent thieves and reptiles such as snakes from climbing up the house. Nonetheless, this business requires being careful in handling these sharp faces.

60. Mushroom

Capital: Rs. 2,000 - 5,000
Skills required: Knowledge about cultivating and growing mushrooms, Gardening, Marketing.

Mushrooms are a greatly valued delicacy in India. So much that governments in numerous states in India give out facilities and subsidies for people who harvest mushrooms. This requires a greenhouse with supervised temperature to obtain supreme crops. 

Photography business idea
61. Photography

Capital: Rs. 89, 000 - 100,000
Skills required: Photography, Marketing

You can turn your hobby into a business. Of course, you need a good camera for it to turn into a proper profession. You can offer photography services at special events such as weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, etc. It is an excellent small business idea in India to earn chunks from your passion. 

62. Boutique Store

Capital: Rs. 30,000 - 50,000
Skills required: Sewing, Marketing

Sewing is another hobby you can generate income from. You can put up a small boutique store or even operate it at home. You only need to invest in good quality and durable sewing machine. Your business can also prioritize a specific type of apparel - for example, bridal wear, uniforms & office wear, or clothes for special occasions. 

63. Cloth Mask

Capital: Rs. 30,000-40,000
Skills required: Sewing, Marketing

Ever since the COVID pandemic started, masks have been progressively in demand all around the world. In India, 76% still wear masks to protect themselves from COVID. This necessitates a huge supply of masks in the country. This is a brilliant and timely small business idea in India you have to try. You can also offer customization to attract more customers.

64. Distilled Water 

Capital: Rs. 2 - 3 lakhs
Skills required: Marketing, Communication, Management

Most Indians prefer drinking clean water rather than tap water. This business sector is expanding over the years. You can choose to start your water plant or simply opt to become a distributor.  

65.  Coaching Services

Capital: Rs. 10,000-15,000
Skills required: Teaching skills, Communication, Time management

Education is one of the best small business ideas in India. Due to the growing competitive environment in every exam, many would opt to have additional coaching classes. You can start your own or tap at companies such as SimpliLearn, Topper, Unacademy, etc. They will provide you with the platform for teaching and get paid for it. You can also market your knowledge and expertise on a particular subject. 

66. Bicycle Repair 

Capital: approx. Rs. 5-7 lakhs
Skills required: Mechanical, Manual expertise, Problem-Solving 

This small business idea would only require a small area, bicycle tires, gears, spare parts, and competent staffing in India. You are only about to invest low, but your repair shop would make a stable profit.

67. Data Entry 

Capital: between Rs. 15,000- 35,000
Skills required: Fast typing, Attention to Detail, Computer, and Technical

If you are an efficient worker with speedy typing skills, this prototype business is great for you. You can spend all day at home just filling up data for e-commerce or e-publishing groups. This business also might be prone to scam, so make sure you accept offers from ISO-certified websites. 

68. Dairy shops

Capital: Rs. 1.5-6 lakhs
Skills required: Management, Mathematical, Communication

You can venture into the milk business by making tofu, milk, butter, cottage cheese, and ghee readily available in retail.  Since cows are sacred in India, this is a more acceptable option than slaughtering beef. Indians also love some dairy products. 

69. Rice retail

Capital: below Rs. 25 lakhs.
Skills required: Marketing, Selling, Communication, Mathematical.

When you are in Asia, rice is present in every Asian meal. Brown, Jasmine, Basmati, Mogra, and Bamboo are only a few rice options you can sell. Rice retail is good to separate from ordinary retail stores. This is a small business idea in India you can never go wrong for. 

70. Printing Press

Capital: between Rs. 50,000-70,000
Skills required: Time Management, Mechanical, Attention to detail, Work Under Pressure.

Indians still acknowledge newspapers, pamphlets, magazines, and other printouts from businesses. You can carry out this small business idea in India by purchasing or leasing some printing machinery to start up. Get some stable business partners for you to bring some printing services. 

71. Xerox services 

Capital: above Rs. 2,000
Skills required: Time Management, Work Under Pressure, Mechanical

Aside from the printing press, Xerox services are in demand in India. Business and ordinary citizens acquire bookbinding, lamination, photocopies, and even some stationery items. Capital investment for Xerox is greatly low. You just need some owned or leased Xerox machines and supplies.

72. Scrap shops

Capital: less or equivalent to Rs. 1 lakh 
Skills required: Recycling, Problem-Solving, Communication.

You can still earn money from scrap. You only need to collect some discarded materials, bulbs, bottles, plastics, or newspapers.  What makes it too easy is that you have zero to little investment. You can just pick up some materials in places with junk or just buy out scraps at the very minimum price. 

73. Generic medicine stores/ Small pharmacies

Capital: approx. Rs. 5-10 lakh
Skills required: Scientific aptitude, Mathematical Skills, Selling, Interpersonal, Communication.

A small business idea in India you can consider is creating a store for over-the-counter medicine. You only have to worry about a minimal area for your store and low capital investment. Remember to get yourself some stand-alone pharmacy license to run the business. 

74. Plumber job

Capital: more than Rs. 1,000
Skills required: Plumbing, Problem-Solving, Mechanical

Not all household and office owners are experts in fixing water pipes. If you are one, this kind of small business is good for you. This is a high-demand service that includes pipe installation and maintenance and fixtures. This is a way to earn handsome money. 

75. App Development

Capital: Rs. 500-1,000
Skills required: Technical, Communication

If you know about app development, this small business idea in India is surely for you. If you work alone, then you would not have to spend much. But if you plan to have a team, you will have to pay for their salaries, website, etc. Most websites now need to have an app version. It is a growing business with much opportunity and scope.  

76. Digital Marketing

Capital: Rs. 500-1,000
Skills required: Technical, Digital marketing skills, Communication

The continuous advancement and digitalization have pushed traditional marketing to the side. This excellent business idea is for people with digital marketing skills, such as enhancing search engine results for a web page, building backlinks, etc. You can build a team to work with you. Otherwise, if you prefer doing it alone, that would cut the cost.

77. Graphic Designing

Capital: Rs. 500-1,000
Skills required: Knowledge of graphic design, Technical, Communication, 

Graphic designers are likewise in demand nowadays. If you have knowledge and experience in graphic design, you can utilize this skill to generate income. There are many opportunities for you in the market. Websites typically need graphic designers for their website images, pictographs, posters, brochures, etc.

78. Groceries door delivery

Capital: approx. Rs. 3-5 lakhs
Skills required: Digital Apps literate, Work Under Pressure, Time Management, Interpersonal.

A small business idea in India that is currently growing is the groceries door delivery business. Many already prefer online grocery shopping and have their orders dropped directly on their doorsteps. This is a low investment business, so you just have to worry about finding hotspots areas for your service. 

Tshirt Printing Business Idea
79. T-shirt Printing

Capital: Rs. 30,000
Skills required: Marketing, Communication, Management

Customized products such as t-shirts, caps, bags, hoodies, etc., are now growing in popularity. You can manufacture these types of products. The expenditure would consist of needed machinery priced at Rs. 10,000 - 15,000 and the products (t-shirts,bags, caps,etc.). You can provide the option for your customers to either choose or send their designs. 

80. Fitness Trainer

Capital: Rs. 1,000-5,000
Skills required: Communication, Marketing

More people now desire to become healthy—especially those individuals who need regular fitness training and people with health issues. You amplify your returns, and you can start selling fitness products on your website. This business idea is for the nutritionist, fitness coach, gym trainer, etc. 

81. Video Editing

Capital: Rs. 5,000-10,000
Skills required: Video editing, Communication, Management

If you excel in video editing, then this is the small business idea in India for you. There’s high demand for video editors. The pay for each project is also very high. If you start on your own, you would not need any investments. But if you decide to form a team, you would have to shoulder their salaries. However, this business idea requires an excellent video editor to have a higher rate and more orders than the rest. 

82. Transcription Services

Capital: Rs. 0 (not unless you decide to form an agency)
Skills required: Fast typing skills, Sharp listener, attention to detail

Transcription services refer to transcribing or converting content from audio and video files into textual format. If you are fluent in several languages, this will work well with you. You can make your rate higher by being a certified transcriptionist. 

83. Wedding Planner

Capital: Rs. 30,000-50,000 (manpower salary)
Skills required: Creative, Management, Communication

Indian weddings are grandiose. You can provide your services during the wedding season in India. Organizing events, helping in choosing dresses, managing guests, creating wedding designs and decorations, etc., are the basic work of a wedding planner. You usually need to work with a team to get the job done fast. 

84. Jute Bags

Capital: Rs. 50,000-1 lakh
Skills required: Bag making, Marketing

Since plastic is banned in India, Jute bags are a great alternative. It is eco-friendly and sustainable. Now, the demand for it is constantly increasing, so it is high time to enter the market. This is a brilliant small business idea in India that you can try. 

85. Proofreading 

Capital: approx. Rs. 10,000 - 40,000
Skills required: English proficiency, Fast typing, Attention to Detail

If you have outstanding proficiency in English, you might want to check out this small business idea in India. Of, fices do not have time to proofread papers all the time. Altering article language, grammar, or syntax to make articles more accurate is an easy job for you. 

Youtuber Business Idea
86. YouTube

Capital: approx. Rs. 10,000 - 40,000
Skills required: Communication, Social Media Presence, Video Editing, Digital Awareness.

YouTube in India is popular, not to mention the country's T-Series channel dominating the platform with more than 100 million subscribers worldwide.  This is the business idea if you are into broadcasting yourself online while earning from ads and views.

87. Resume Builder

Capital: approx. Rs. 10,000
Skills required: Fast Typing, Attention to detail, Active Listening 

Submitting a good resume is a factor for definitely getting the job. You can assist aspiring workers by cleaning and making and customizable resumes. Clients pay with a reasonable sum, and you can earn Rs. 1500 per resume. You only need a computer to type with. 

88. Consultancy services

Capital: approx. Rs. 6,000
Skills required: Business Expertise, Problem- Solving, Communication, Interpersonal.

If you are an expert on legal or business decision-making, making yourself a consultant is best for you. People with legal issues or new to business problems would need guidance. Gain commission from making the best advice for your clients. 

89. Soft Skills Training

Capital: less than Rs. 3,000
Skills required: Leadership, Communication, Soft Skills Awareness, Interpersonal.

You can use your leadership skills in training young entrepreneurs, college students in utilizing their soft skills. These skills are essential to building awareness, adaptability, organization, and more. Get profit by honing your clients to their best possible future careers. 

90. Antique Refurbishing 

Capital: between Rs. 1,000-10,000
Skills required: Antique Knowledge, Attention to Detail

Many Indian people got some antique collectibles, and they want them in the best condition possible for personal safekeeping or auction. This small business idea in India will only need you to have refurbishing brushes and antique cleaning tools. Make the old stuff look new, and a good sum of money would come to you. 

91. Copywriting Business

Capital: under Rs. 10,000
Skills required: Editing, Communication, Marketing 

Copywriting is one of the best small jobs in India. Businesses need unique copies to make their branding. Satisfy your clients with the best copywriting concepts you can produce, and you can get a reasonable maximum profit.

92. Oil making 

Capital: approx. Rs. 2 lakhs
Skills required: Manufacturing, Selling 

Oil is an essential Indian household. This small business will venture into different oils like canola, corn, soybean, olive, cottonseed, and more. The more options you provide in your business, the better variety of profit from customers. You only need a low capital investment too. 

93. Makeup Artists

Capital: Rs. 500,000-1 lakh
Skills required: Makeup skills, Communication, Marketing

This requires a bigger initial investment but would generate exponential returns. If you have skills and have professionally learned makeup, this is a bIndia’sliant small business idea. 

94. Ghostwriting

Capital: Rs. 5,000-8,000 
Skills required: Excellent writing skills

If you have a knack for writing, you can try ghostwriting signboards. This could range from novels, speeches, and other literary works. It is project-based work that could pay you up to 2 lakhs per project.

95. Logo Design

Capital: Rs. 40,000-2 lakhs (laptop or desktop)
Skills required: Creative, Interpersonal Communication, Technical

Logo designs are crucial to channel a brand’s identity. They are to capture what the brand represents and capture it through a small visual or text. This is why logo designers are in demand. You could easily earn around Rs. 50,000 each logo. 

96. Ice Cube business

Capital: approx. Rs. 5.5 - 6.5 lakhs
Skills required: Time Management, Selling. 

Making ice blocks in India boosts up to 40-50% profit, a robust sum of money from a small business idea in India. The place got muggy heat, and ice is put into good use for cooling. 

97. Postal Labeling and Sorting 

Capital: more than Rs. 2.5 lakhs
Skills required: Time Management, Local Familiarity, Communication, Work Under Pressure.

Consumers value fast mail delivery to their doorsteps. Bulks of mails are being sent and received in every Indian post. You can start small postal labeling and sorting business and help solve this increasing demand. Just pick the good delivery vehicles, fast sorting staffing, and some machinery.

98. Soy product business/retail

Capital: between Rs. 50,000- 1.5 lakh
Skills required: Soy Familiarity, Selling, Mathematical 

Soybean flour, milk, oil, molasses, sauce, and extracts are only some of the many soy products you can put into retail. India is mostly home to vegan people, and soy products are good meat alternatives. This small business idea in India requires only low investment.

99. Signboard business

Capital: between approx. Rs. 20,000 - 3 lakhs
Skills required: Editing, Technical, Computer 

Part of every advertising strategy in every business is to pay for signboards. This displays their whole business branding or information. Get some signboard-making machinery for this business, and you can gain constant profit for making signboards for companies. 

100. Nameplates services

Capital: between: between Rs. 50,000 - 4 lakhs
Skills required: Carving, Wood of Metal Working, Attention to Detail, Designing. 

Offices are the primary customers of nameplates, and there are a lot in India. Nameplates help display names or business products. This is also a capital-low investment business that would only need some expensive name-plating machinery. 

101. Franchise

Capital: Rs. 5 lakhs - 1 crore
Skills required: Communication, Customer service, Management

Getting a franchise is one of the best investments in India. It does initially cost a lot more than other business ideas. However, it is a secured investment that generates income at astounding rates. Since you will partner with successful and well-established businesses and operate and manufacture using their name, it is a given. You would not have to worry about building your client market and promoting your brand. Franchising guarantees that your business will flourish and succeed.

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