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7events is the NO. 1 Birthday Party Organizer in Bangalore :

We are happy to announce our dream come true project ” MyEventShop” which will be INDIA’s first and the only marketplace for all event related sales shop. We have made enough research and built a cutting edge, robust and user friendly system for people to buy online which saves money, time and brings the pleasure of shopping!

The Key USP being that when an event happens in any individual’s life or with an organization they need service and also need to buy a lot of stuffs.

Searching it and gathering it personally or through online is a long time exercise. We wanted to expose almost everything anyone needs in their life events. Generally Events can be private, family, public and between individuals. You may need to gift somebody, decorate your own way for your house, garden for any event preparations that has to be hosted; might need to design a concept for your own individual small events. It can be return gifts to the kids and elders of family events; presentations to any occasions, felicitation; it can be fine-dining arrangements to invite kitty parties at home, it can be friends bachelor party, festivals, fashions and life style to be together for an eventful life; Hosting a fashion rally at collage or a company; a sports day; an adventure excursion day event and many more.

Franchise Products or Services

It will help to well plan and buy the event items with 100’s of choices for individuals of the family. Apparels, Foot-wares, Ornaments, Cosmetics, Fancy Eye lenses , Arrangement articles, Ethnic , Ritual items, Return gifts, Tambalas, Invitations cards, crockeries – dining sets for house guests, honey moon packages, travel kits, bridal room arrangements props , furniture, puja articles and many more. Shop Enjoy and Recommend.

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Franchise Contact Details

Phone/Mobile Number: 9900000941

Emaill Address: [email protected]

Website: http://www.7events.in/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/7events.bigbrand

Franchise Business Address

Gopalan Innovation Mall 5th Floor J.P.Nagar Bangalore 560078





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