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What started out as a Small Cafe in Akurdi Ravet Pune, today, has become the definition of Pune Delectable taste for Coffee Sandwiches & Desserts. A Mixture of Passion, Creativity and Determination is what it took to turn Cafe Buddy's Espresso into a success story. But like most successful businesses, success did not happen overnight.

The journey of Mr Samuel.F.Paul, founder of Cafe Buddy's Espresso, The long journey started in 2005 work for the well-known coffee brand when he got his expertise in Coffee.

Later on, while working with his friend who ran a chain of eateries and served bakery products, he learns all about Bakery products This powerful combination leads to the creation of Cafe Buddy's Espresso. However, like most journeys, there are always hurdles to cross. One such hurdle was the Equipment used to make the Coffee.

Because of its manual use in the cafe, it became quite a task to increase the Sale capacity and keep up with the rising demand. So Mr Samuel.F.Paul, train to Staff on import Machines that could serve more Coffee Sandwiches & Desserts in a very short time.

So what is so unique about the brand that people keep coming back for more every time? For starters, Cafe Buddy's Espresso is deeply rooted in tradition and uses traditional methods to make. Coffee Sandwiches & Desserts All the ingredients we use are almost completely natural and are sourced from India & out of India.

They claim to not use any preservatives, stabilisers and artificial colours or chemicals, which is why their Coffee Sandwiches & Desserts Delicious and wholesome. Quality & Recipes With 15 years of being in the business, Cafe Buddy's Espresso is still Raring to go Places. And it is a rare combination of traditional methods and modern technology that, they believe, will take them there.

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Phone/Mobile Number: +91 91189 99991

Emaill Address: [email protected]

Website: http://www.cafebuddysespresso.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/cafebuddysespresso

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Office No 201 2nd Floor Kohinoor B Zone Chinchwad Mumbai Pune Old highway Pune, Maharashtra, India 411019




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