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When you order biryani online from us, you are welcomed with the aroma of rich desi spices. Hitting your taste buds are the intricate flavours of India combined with the mystic ingredients from across the world. You are served a perfect blend of modern and antiquity in a single bite. We combine the very delicate French flavours in the form of our special Truffle Biryani. 

For all the vegetarians out there, we have something that will shut all those mouths who claim that Biryani without meat is Pulao. Our Vegan Indian Biryani is one of the bestsellers and tastes the best without any chicken. The plant-based chicken koftas make for a perfect chicken alternative for our Vegan friends to enjoy online biryani home delivery anywhere. 

Every item in our menu is the hard work of our terrific chefs who create timeless recipes, combining your favourite Indian spices and fragrant Basmati rice with world ingredients. Delicately crafting every step of the process of cooking, every menu item was tried and tasted over and over again to bring you the perfect BITE of Indian famous biryani.

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Charcoal Eats makes "The Authentic Biryani"

Serving you authentic delicacies in the form of delicious grill and biryani online in Mumbai, we cook everything with patience. Infused with aromatic spices that sharpen your culinary experience, Charcoal Eats makes you drool over the scrumptious meals. Whether you try our Kebabs or our Rolls, you get to taste fresh tandoor cooked deliciousness in the laps of your comfort. 

When you order biryani online from Charcoal Eats, we leave no stone unturned to make your day special. Our Indian Biryanis, set a class apart, are one of the most special and exquisite Biryanis you have ever tasted and to top it all, we have some delectable sweet dishes to end your meal.

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Phone/Mobile Number: +91 90225 00500

Emaill Address: [email protected]

Website: https://www.charcoaleats.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CharcoalEats/

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#875, 14th A Cross, Indiranagar 2nd Stage, Bangalore, Karnataka 560038, IN





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