About Zorgers Healthcare Franchise

Find the right caregiver near you at the most affordable price- this is what made us incubate Zorgers( We- the Carers). Whether you are looking for an elder, baby, or medical care at home, the journey of finding the right care is never so easy.

Our 8 years of experience as being managed service provider has made us learn a lot about caregiving industry. When it comes to caring, its highly personal in nature and has to be affordable to be able to cater to the masses.

On-demand side, you would find everyone having their own unique set of care requirements, and on the other side of supply; caregivers have their own work preferences and skills. The way caregiving industry has evolved; to be able to establish caretaker and caregiver relations and most importantly, to sustain this relation is never an easy task for any single provider. Like any business, technology has to play its role and the whole idea of Zorgers is to transform the way the caregiving industry works.

Zorgers brings the caretakers (one who is looking for care) and best of caregivers (one who is supposed to deliver the care) near you under one roof. You can define your requirements, budget and find the best caregivers near you. Zorgers engine has been designed keeping in mind ground principles of Caregiving industry- Compassion, Reliability, Authenticity, and Affordability.

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Phone/Mobile Number: (+91) 7347003775

Emaill Address: [email protected]

Website: https://www.zorgers.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/zorgershealthcare

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