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The salon industry in India had a tremendous leap over the years. It is a big deal in the Indian market with a steady 15-20% growth. 

Even with the industry’s loss due to the pandemic, it was still growing significantly with the lucrative features attracting many entrepreneurs to buy a salon franchise in India. 

But there is an overwhelming amount of salon businesses in India, both local and abroad. It is fairly reasonable to be confused.

Where to start? Don’t fret!

We have compiled 15 of the best salon franchises in India for you to choose from.

1. Lakmé Salons

Lakmé Salon is one of the biggest chains of salons in India. Owned by the country's FMCG Company, the Hindustan Unilever Limited, Lakmé is a team of over 22,000 professional beauty experts and hairstylists, with 240 stores. 

The long-running salon franchise in India that started in 1980 already attended over 1 million customers and is still a profitable salon brand for 35 successful years. 

Lakme will also be a great choice if you want to venture into franchising for cosmetics. Its growing business partners are Unilever and top cosmetic houses like Milan-based Intercos Italia, Schwann Stabilo Germany, and Paris-based Fiabila. 

To become a franchisee to this saloon tycoon, Lakmé has the 6P Entre PRO-neur Model to set up potential franchisees: place, people, portfolio, process, promotion, and personality. These six include proper training (Lakmé Training Academy) of new beauty experts and hair stylists, with product innovations and IT operational support. 

You should acquire a minimum of 900 sq. ft. owned/leased space & a minimum investment of Rs. 50-60 Lac. The cost will be expensive, but your franchise would be more ready and competitive on the kickstart. 

This salon empire also requires you to be superior to giving the best service: an initiative, passionate, and a franchisee with integrity and ethics. Acquire all these requirements, and you will surely join the grand success of Lakmé Salon. 
[email protected]
1800 123 1952

2. Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty

Starting as one of the earliest salons in India (1986), JH is a hotspot hair and beauty choice for celebrities and its loyal commoner customers, which reached over 1.5 million. 

This elite salon franchise in India has reached 110 cities and owns 875 outlets operating in 24 states, including Bangladesh, Dubai, Kenya, Nepal, and Singapore. 

JH is with 10,000 employees and growing. Its services primarily focus on hair and beauty (haircutting and hairstyling, hair treatment, beauty essentials, head massage, manicure, and pedicure). JH comes as a top choice for bridal packages and other hair grooming packages. 

If you are interested in owning a franchise and join the hair parlor success of JH, the brand requires you to own or lease a minimum of 500 sq. ft area and invest  20 to 30 Lakh. 

Jawed Habib HairXpreso franchise component includes Haircut, Hair Spa, Hairstyling, Facial, Manicure, and Pedicure. 

JH franchisors provide the skill set training along the way. Do not forget the institutional agreements that require you to renew your JH franchise every four years. Plus, you can easily access their website and download their franchise start-up kit.

[email protected]
+91 22 4099 5000

3. Studio11 Salon & Spa

Proclaiming to be "one of the best salons for Indian men and women,” Studio 11 Salon & Spa is a unisex Salon considered one of the fastest spa chains since 2013. 

The franchise currently owns 125 franchises in 60 cities in India that serve around 350,000 satisfied customers and operates in 19 states.

If you chose Studio 11, you would have a salon franchise in India with excellent and world-class unisex hair and face treatments. Professionally trained employees give hands and feet spa services. Bridal packages are available with a great pre-bridal treatment subpackage. 

Getting a Studio 11 Salon & Spa will require you to invest 30-50 Lakh. Your required area should be a minimum of 800-1500 with compulsory air conditioning and optional massage rooms. 

An ecstatic 90% of revenue will be yours as the franchisee with only 2- 2.5 years for your ROI to be received. 

Go to their website now and apply for this salon franchise in India. Good luck!

1800 102 3373
[email protected]

4. Truefitt & Hill

If your target customers are salons suited only for grooming men, this next salon is the one for you. Truefitt & Hill is the world's oldest barbershop and a prominent international brand franchise with an exclusive clientele in India. 

Its premium salon franchise in India is dedicated to making grooming for men essential and give customers their specially crafted products on the goo or at home.

Truefitt & Hill's service packages include traditional English fragrances, shaving requisites, hair care products, and grooming & styling kits for men. 

The franchise calls it Premium Barber services and does fit-for-royal packages (haircuts, shave, skin treatment manicure, and pedicure). 

If you plan to own a Truefitt & Hill salon franchise in India, this brand requires an initial investment of 20 lakh with an area (store size) of 250-1500 sq. ft. This brand will also hand you a 10% royalty fee with a 40% profit margin later. 

Fill up their franchise application form on their website, and the team will contact you as soon as possible.

[email protected]

5. Chop-Shop

“The Hippest Little Barbershop This Side of the Himalayas”

Chop-Shop is another male-focused grooming salon business established in 2018. Truly a store with a unique take considering the majority of unisex salons. 

It draws from a North American style of grooming services. They offer exceptional hair and beard grooming, premium shaves, revitalizing facials, head massages, and haircuts for kids. 

They have an easy-to-navigate E-hub that offers one of the best quality training from their GBBA level 3 UK Certified Barbers. Chop-Shop closely monitors and assists its franchisees in giving out their best support and ensuring quality services. 

Choosing to buy a franchise at Chop-Shop will cost you an investment of around 40-50 lakh and a requirement of 1000-2000 sq feet store area. A salon franchise in India with a low investment rate with a high ROI. 

To get in touch with them, you ought to fill in a form available on their website if you are ready to buy a franchise from them. 

+91 77680 11975

6. Naturals Salon

Naturals is a local brand in India with a very powerful vision. To emancipate women to become entrepreneurs; hence, financial independence. 

This salon has been around long enough to establish 661 stores in 80 Indian cities with over 7500 professionals under them. Plus an 18.6% growth rate and will be expecting 25% of CAGR in the coming years. 

They focus highly on improving and perfecting optimal services and providing the best experience for their clients. Naturals salon has its training academy to ensure quality services and equip aspirants with the needed technical and communication skills.

Their services include hair care, body care, skincare, and bridal services. The initial investment is either 40 lakh or 50 lakh (your choice). They require a space of around 250-500 sq feet. 

Getting a salon franchise in India for this renowned brand is a good deal. No need to worry about marketing, but you learn from business experts with decades of experience and knowledge, special training, management support, and affordable investment.

Send them a message and fill in the franchise form. They will get back to you to discuss the specifics or some further instructions or qualifications for you to become part of the team.

+91 90926 26262
[email protected] 

7. Green Trends

Green Trends Salon is always at the forefront of trendy makeovers, be it hairstyles or hair color. In addition, they also have bridal packages and skincare products. 

The salon provides a warm and friendly atmosphere to the customers. You are also guaranteed to have the best experience with their skilled and professional stylists. 

They have over 375 locations in approximately 50 cities around the country. They are also having more than 4000 stylists in their company. 

Green Trends assures their franchisees’ full support from establishing the salon franchise in India, employee evaluation, managing the business, and any further guidance and service review. You will be able to pick up their 18+ years of experience and knowledge running the business chain. 

They also offer 36% ROI and only demand 32-55 lakh investment requiring only 800-1800 sq feet store area. 

Their website will walk you through the basics of the company, their services, visions, stories, etc. But it does not offer a franchise application form because you have to email them directly.  

18004 20 20 20
Customer Care: [email protected]
Franchising: [email protected]


When it comes to stylish modern looks, JUICE sets a high standard. The salon is one of the leading international brands in the industry of beauty and nail care. 

They aim to provide a pleasant experience and comfortable environment for their clients, tailoring the best makeover for each individual. JUICE, at present, has opened more than 30 stores around the world. 

Their global reach makes it an ideal franchise venture for many entrepreneurs—a well-reputed brand with 20 years of history in the industry. 

As an interested franchisee, you can choose your franchise type; nail bar, Juice Academy, and Juice salon. The required space size you can choose from is 700 sq. ft, 1200 sq. ft, or above. The investment cost for the salon franchise in India also ranges from 20-40 lakhs, 40-80 lakhs, or 80 lakhs, and more.

The inquiry form is found on their website, which you can fill in if you are interested or directly contact them.

+91 9930014987
[email protected]  

9. Looks Salon  

Another well-known brand is Looks salon and has been around the market for more than 30 years. They have over 118 plus branches in India and Dubai. It is a unisex salon that offers various services for both ladies and men, such as hair styling, hair treatments, facials, nail care, and beard grooming. They also offer loyalty cards for their regular customers.

It looks salon enjoys 27-30% CAGR and is always at the top 10 most successful franchise salon businesses in India. Their initial franchise investment would be 100-150 lakhs and a required space of 250 sq. ft.

They will provide high-quality training and consultations to their franchisees to develop a well-rounded customer-focused salon franchise in India. 

They have an online franchise form that you can easily access through their website. All the basic knowledge about their business is available on their website as well.

[email protected]
[email protected]

10. Louis Unisex Salon

For 29 years, Louis salon has gained countless approvals from customers worldwide. They endorse beauty as a mix of ‘style,’ ‘charisma,’ and ‘youthfulness.’

At present, they have reached 4000 salons in 90 cities internationally. The salon offers hair styling, hair treatment, facial, hair texture, makeup, nail care, hand & feet, skincare, and beard grooming.

Over the years, Louis salon has been trusted by its customers and franchisees. They have ample knowledge and experience with the salon industry that makes people rely on them fully. 

What makes them appealing to entrepreneurs is their low initial investment, operating cost, and workforce cost. Initial investment only costs five lakhs. 

Besides full support and assistance to their franchisees,  annual conventions are also held for all the Louis salon franchises in India. Training for beauty skills, business operations, and customer service are also provided.

You can choose from the three franchise models they offer, which you can check on their website. So with their franchise application form.

 [email protected]

11. Neeldavid’s International Salon 

"Who we are is best defined by your smile."

Neeldavid's is a popular unisex salon in Nepal & India, with over 50 franchisees actively operating. This salon offers a full range of services, from cuts to color, to personalized treatments. Its employees are professionally trained in their grooming academy to guarantee their customers look and feel their best. 

These services are primarily into unisex haircut and treatment, hair color, beauty treatments, manicure and pedicure, modern nail art, and professional makeup. 

Other special packages include Beauty Treatment (facials, massages, threading + upper lip, waxing, make-up) and Hair Treatment (highlights, hair color, hair straightening and smoothing, keratin treatment, hair spa). 

The brand’s full support for its franchisees and their global reach makes it an excellent choice for a salon franchise in India. Ideally, you can apply for a franchise through their website or contact them for further inquiries.

+977 9841678166
[email protected]

12. Shahnaz Hussain Salons

“Natural Care and Cures”

Shahnaz Hussain made her name a renowned and well-reputed brand across the world. The founder of Ayurvedic beauty care has expanded her business empire, from salons, retail, beauty academy, and 380 Ayurvedic concoctions. 

The brand promotes combining old medicinal blends with modern techniques. They sell a multitude of products for hair, skin, and body. Their salons also only use their organic beauty care formulations for their customers. The brand’s organic products consist of essential oils, fruit and flower extracts, herbs, and sometimes minerals and gems.

Their unique and organic products separate them from their competitors and give them an edge in the market. For 50 years, the brand is still very successful and highly regarded and has approximately 400 franchise networks internationally. This makes it an ideal salon franchise in India. 

However, they do have strict requirements and a special training program that you have to pass to work with them. But first, you have to fill up the application form on their website.

[email protected]

13. Cut & Style

Cut & Style has blossomed for 20 years now and with over 90 outlets in 15 cities. They offer hair, nail, skin, make-up, and bridal services for their customers.

The salon partners with big names- for example, L’Oreal, Rica, Dermatologica, Casmara, etc.

Their franchisees enjoy great support in training, design, and interior, technical, and customer service. With only 30-51 lakh initial investment. 

Cut & Style’s website is straightforward to use. The salon franchise in India does provide a form for interested franchisees on their website, which serves as the first step yet a non-binding procedure.


14. B-Blunt Salon

This salon was established in 2004 by Adhuna Bhabani & Osh Bhabani. It grew from a single salon to over 20 salons across the top cities in India. It is also associated with Bollywood, and their styling was featured in 50 films.

Usually commended for their chic and modish hairstyle makeovers. B-Blunt also has its product line mainly focused on hair products; hair care, hair styling, hair color, and exclusive hair product combos. 

The company has high standards when it comes to hairstyling and with their hair products.

Their franchise term lasts for five years and has a space requirement of 200-300 sq. ft. The investment fee ranges from 30-50 lakhs.

Check out their website to follow up more on their salon franchise in India categories, fill space requirements the franchise application form, or contact them via phone or email.

+91 83 5688 3609
[email protected]

15. Geetanjali Salon

This salon franchise in India has a long history. Established in 1989, it is already a multi-awarded business with 32 years of expertise in the industry. It is no surprise that the brand has a huge national presence and continues to grow.

They provide intense business support to their franchisees; operational strategy, business knowledge, technical support, customer care, public communication, marketing, training, and more. 

Geetanjali's reputation is really hard to come by. If you take the opportunity, you can contact them via phone and email, but they also have an inquiry form prepared for their prospective franchisees on their website. 

[email protected] 

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