About Medha Language Theatre Franchise

Amidst the mushrooming training institutes that profess to possess the wherewithal to teach Spoken English and Soft skills, stands out the pioneer, Medha Language Theatre.

A brainchild of Dr Chiranjeevi, master trainer and motivator-par-excellence, Medha Language Theatre is the first of its kind in India that utilizes the theatre concept to teach a language. With no formal classroom training, this is a unique paradigm of success that would usher in a winning ‘YOU’.

The cognitive changes that accompany learning of holistic and meaningful communication skills at MLT form part of a life-transforming experience. The Theatre Concept kindles great curiosity among the learners as it introduces new vocabulary and facilitates learning with visual presentations and dramatic enactments.

Training at the Medha Language Theatre leads to complete knowledge, fluency, vocabulary, and syntax of the language, thereby breaking self-imposed psychological barriers that deter one from achieving his best.

Franchise Products or Services

MEDHA LEARNING APP is the brain child of Dr. A. Chiranjeevi, the founder and chief coach of Medha Language Theatre. It is a unique tool that helps the individuals to learn and equip with essential skills to succeed in their personal, professional and social spheres.

It offers varied educational and professional development courses that suit to the requirements of Students, Job Aspirants, Employees, Businessmen, Professionals and People from various walks of life. Aspiring candidates can choose the courses that best suit their need and subscribe to the courses.

New courses on varied topics keep hitting the inbox at regular intervals. Individuals are advised to read the terms and conditions before subscribing to any course. Every course in Medha learning app is unique in its style, design, contents and methods. The courses are meticulously planned and carefully crafted with clear understanding of the objectives of the learners. RIGHT FROM THE CONCEPT TO DELIVER QUALITY SPEAKS EVERYWHERE.

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Franchise Contact Details

Phone/Mobile Number: +91-9866006664

Emaill Address: [email protected]

Website: http://medhalearning.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/chiranjeevimedha

Franchise Business Address

Plot No:32, 3rd Floor, Bhavyas Classic, Corportaion Bank, Near Community Hall, S. R. Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500038, India





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