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Our Tea Story

When Adrenaline rushes through the body at a young age, we ought to do something different in life, something that could make a change in society. While I was seeking, what I wanted to do? I observed, how people become friends over a cup of tea? How a group of friends travels miles to have tea from a particular shop? Over a tea, how big plans are carved for the future between friends for their new start-up? Even how a cup of tea resolves fights between husband and wife? I was fascinated by all of it.

So I felt, tea isn’t just another mere drink but nectar to human emotions. It was doing something to the human mind, I was not aware of. With that adrenaline rush, at the age of 21, I didn’t want to just live and get somewhere lost in society without creating something significant. I was sure, fancy lifestyle or high salary job won’t give me satisfaction but remaining connected to people would. I have always loved meeting new people, making new relationships and making them happy and eventually it made me happy as well.

This nectar which I discovered in the form of tea, I decided to serve it to as many people as possible. I realized that was my calling. I wanted to give that feeling, that experiential taste to everyone nearby to them, where people don’t have to travel miles. I don’t want to just sell tea but bind people over a cup of tea, give them a taste of bliss while every sip they had.

So my quest started, I roamed in different cities, walked through hundreds of streets like a bohemian, tasting thousands of cup of tea to find the best one. This journey gave me a lifetime of experience and I met beautiful people from cities and villages along the way. Out of all these oceans full of experience’s, I came up with something exclusive and divine- and the rest is history or I will say it will become part of history which you experience in Amrut tea shops.

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Phone/Mobile Number: +91 74473 30000

Emaill Address: [email protected]

Website: http://www.amrutchaha.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/amrutchaha

Franchise Business Address

Shop No 15-17, Variety Square, Sitabuldi, opposite of NIT parking Eternity Mall, Nagpur Nagpur, Maharashtra, India 440002





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